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Every studio needs to have an ample supply of the items above, just in case you blow a fuse or a speaker, or your trusty Marshall stack just isn't cutting on on that quiet ballad. We have a variety of guitars that are available at no charge to give you that perfect sound.  

  • 1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard
  • 2004 Stratocaster Deluxe Fat Strat
  • 2003 Telecaster Standard
  • 1995 Fender Stratocaster retrofited with Korg Z3 Synth pickup
  • Takamine FP360SC with Accuracoustic preamp
  • Ibanez Roadstar II Series Bass

Guitar Amps

Sometimes it takes a special amp to get just the right sound. We have a few amp on hand to help you out, whether you need the screaming sustain of Marshal stack or the gentle twang of a Fender. All amps are in house and available at no charge.

  • Line6 AX2 212 amp with floorboard
  • Line6 Spider 112 amp
  • Marshall Super Lead 100 watt (vintage 1974)
  • Fender Sidekick Reverb 65
  • Ibanez Soundwave 35 bass amp
  • Rogue 15 watt practice amp

Guitars Effects

Since Duane Eddy's guitar licks swam in an ocean of reverb, or the Beatles used feedback on "I Feel Fine," or Jimmy Hendrix lit up the world with his previously unimagined sounds, guitarists have searched for "the perfect sound." More often than not, the combination of guitar and amp has to be augmented by the use of effects. Initially limited to basic effects like fuzz and chorus, effects pedals (as they used to be known) have evolved above and beyond anyone's wildest imagination into the "stompboxes" of today. Since effects went digital in the early 1990's there has been an onslaught of development in boxes, pedals, and rack mount units that can do anything to the sound of a guitar, including making it sound like anything BUT a guitar. Our collection of pedals, both new and vintage, should give you all the flexibility you need to get that special sound!

  • Line6 POD XT with FBV shortboard
  • Line6 standard POD  
  • Electro-Harmonix "Big Muff" distortion pedal
  • Electro-Harmonix "Small Stone" phase shifter
  • MXR Dyna Comp compressor pedal
  • Heil Sound "Talk Box"
  • Dunlop "Cry Baby" pedal
  • DOD FX30B Gate/Loop
  • Digitech GSP 21 Pro digital effects rack
  • Digitech GSP 7 digital effects rack
  • Korg Z3 Guitar Synth
  • DOD Mini chorus 460
  • Boss DD-2 Digital Delay

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