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Just in case you need a keyboard, we have a couple available. The Emu Proteus MPS+ features a wide selection of sounds, 16 voice polyphony, and a touch sensitive keyboard. For vintage synth sounds, our Korg Polysix has been with us since 1981, but even after 23 years, it still performs like its first day on stage.   

  • Proteus Master Performance Series Plus Orchestral
  • Korg Polysix - Vintage 1981
  • Yamaha DX-27

Midi Instruments

We have our midi equipment on a separate system from digital audio, driven by its own computer and Mackie 1604 mixer. Our rack full of sound modules includes the best from today and yesterday.

  • Yamaha Motif-Rack ES module
  • Roland JV-1010 modules (2)
  • Alesis D4 drum module
  • Roland JV-880 module
  • Yamaha MU50 module
  • Yamaha MU100 module
  • Boss Dr. Groove DR-202
  • Kurzweil 1000PX vintage module
  • Kurzweil 1000GX vintage module
  • Akai S01 sampler
  • Boss JamStation JS-5
  • Alesis HR-16 drum module
  • Sequentiual Circuits vintage drum module
  • Sonar 3.31 software
  • Mastertracks Pro software


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